среда, 28 марта 2012 г.


I want to be an artist in the future.
When I was a child I started to go to the artist school. I am drawing already for 8 years and i like it very much. I didn't just start out wanting to be an artist but I just loved to draw. It was like it is in my blood. What I love about drawing is that it gives me a sense of creativity. It enables me to speak with pictures, instead of using my own voice. It shows what I am not able to tell and what I am not able  to say or express. Art is a way for the artist to express his feelings without having to say  them out loud.  Art can be beautiful, ugly, happy, sad, fact or fiction. And now it is one of the most important things in my life. Not everyone is able to express themselves through art. Some do it through writing, or cooking, or any other job that they have. I love art with all my heart and I really want to be an artist in the future. But I also want people of all ages to enjoy it. From little kids to grown adults. And I really hope that I will be an artist and people will enjoy my art. I think that people should never give up on their dreams. For one day all their dreams  will come true.

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